Diabetes Treatment
Prescription Only Medicines

For The Symptomatic Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus

With our partner companies, we use our experience and state of the art technologies to analyse, test and manufacture a wide range of anti diabetic medications in tablet form.

We are committed to quality in everything we do.

All of our products and manufacturing facilities are regularly audited and certified to meet and exceed regulatory authorities requirements, including Good Manufacturing Practices, The Pharmaceutical Inspection
Co-operation Scheme, Good Laboratory Practices and Good Distribution Practices. 
Oralmet ® 850 mg
Metformin HCL 850 mg.
Oralmet ® 500 mg
Metformin HLC 500 mg.
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Oralmet ® 1000 mg
Metformin HCL 1000 mg.

Oralmet® is a prescription drug indicated for the treatment of essentially non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (type II).

Oralmet® active pharmaceutical ingredient is imported from Norway, tested free from impurities and the drug is available in tablets packaged in blisters. Different strengths are available depending on the patient requirements to normalise glucose levels in the blood. It is best to use the minimum effective dose for treatment in conjunction with lifestyle adjustment.

By prescription only from a licensed physician or pharmacist.