Currently, 7.8 billion human beings inhabit Earth. And this number is expected to reach 8.6 billion in 2030.

Combined with a continuous improvement in our technologies, such a massive draw on natural resources, increasing pollution, is no longer possible without leading to a quick extinction of the Earth eco-systems. We need to adapt and change our way of life to embrace more sustainable practices to preserve the future.
Mederis is committed to Environnement Excellence
Mederis Green Initiatives​:

-Reduce electricity consumption:
Energy efficient building to minimise cooling losses with
MM2 walls & roof insulation,
Solar water heater.
Use of energy efficient machines
-Reduce water consumption:
Rain water harvesting

Minimise travel, encourage work from home, carpool, use of hybrid cars, public transport

Go with “paper free” packaging for Vitamins, OTC products without unit boxes
Use of plant based biodegradable “plastic free” Eco Bottles
Biodegradable plant based Eco Bottle manufactured by Mederis.
Say NO to plastic !

At Mederis, we manufacture Biodegradable plant based Eco Bottles.

The use of plastic in product packaging is deceptively inexpensive.
As tax payers we pay Government agencies to collect and process our plastic waste. The use of plastic for packaging especially single use products carries a heavy toll on the environment with the continuous release of tons of plastic rubbish accumulating on land and in the oceans. When in the oceans, under the sun, discarded plastic products break apart in tiny plastic elements, forming a plastic soup then feeding marine life, birds and other animals.